Stefany’s Office Sunroom

“When we moved back to our hometown after 10 years, we knew that I needed my own office area near the WiFi and we knew we needed the laundry room to be in our empty sunroom. How do you make a functional office in a sunroom that is also going to be a laundry room? That’s where Krystal came in.

I met Krystal after walking into Currents because I liked a macrame piece hanging in the window. She was so helpful and the shop has such a beautiful and inviting atmosphere, that I immediately knew that I wanted her to help me figure out how to make the space work for us.

When we asked her to come and look at the space, she immediately picked up the type of style I liked after a few questions and a couple of Pinterest pictures and began building ideas to make the space functional with style. It took a little while for the renovation to be completed, but she was still all in with helping us and picked right back up when we were ready. She found ways to keep the decor within budget and found a beautiful mix of items that brought the whole entire room together.

Now our sunroom is literally the most beautiful room in the entire house and I sit at my desk, when I work from home, thinking I can’t believe this is my home. It’s everything I wanted and more and I could have never made the room feel so special on my own. I owe it all to Krystal and her amazing ideas and eye for detail! “

-Stefany Espinosa